Rogue Flash Bender 2 Small Soft Box Kit

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Soften and enlarge the light from your on-camera flash with the small FlashBender 2 Softbox Kit from Rogue.

Soften and enlarge the light from your on-camera flash with the small FlashBender 2 Softbox Kit from Rogue. This kit combines the small reflector with a diffusion panel that allows you to convert it quickly into a softbox.

There is a belt and buckle attachment method, lightweight, and flexible materials to cut down on its weight by about 20%. Additionally, it packs flat for portability.

FlashBender 2 Reflector (Small, White)

This updated version uses a belt & buckle attachment system as well as newer materials that are more flexible and up to 20% lighter in weight. This reflector measures 10 x 7" and has 2 rods for adjusting the position of the reflective surface. This allows you easily to bounce the light exactly where they need it and limit it from spilling into unwanted areas of the photograph. Additionally, it packs flat for easily storing it in your gear bag.

Diffusion Panel (Small)

This 9 x 4.5" diffusion panel softens and spreads the light when attached to a FlashBender reflector using the hook and loop attachments sewn along the edges of the diffuser. The diffuser packs flat and takes up almost no room in your camera bag--the ideal light modifier.
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