Anne-Laure Jacquart Photo Adventures for Kids: Solving the Mystery of Taking Great Photos

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Look up! Look down! Move around! Everywhere you go, there are great pictures just waiting to be made!

Kids love to take pictures! With Photo Adventures for Kids, you can encourage your child’s passion while exploring the art of photography together!

With this book, your child will become an official Photo Adventurer and go on a very important mission to solve the greatest mystery of photography—learning how to find a great photograph no matter where they are. Whether they’re at home or at school, in the backyard or on a field trip, in the city or in nature, they’ll learn the important lesson of how to “see” where the best photographs are hidden in any location.

Packed with games, strategies, lessons, and challenges, Photo Adventures for Kids makes learning about photographic composition and framing easy and fun. The book also features a cutout “viewfinder” device at the back of the book, which kids can use to explore their environment. In Photo Adventures for Kids, your child will learn all about:

•Leading lines
•Subject placement
•And much more!

The mission is to find great photographs anywhere and everywhere. Hurry! Adventure awaits!

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