NiSi 67mm True Color ND-VARIO Pro Nano 1-5 Stops VND

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The True Color Variable ND is an ideal tool for photographers who need to shoot in environments where the lighting conditions are dynamic or fluctuating, and require greater control over their shutter speed to achieve their desired look, whether it's capturing longer exposures or a shallower depth of field. 


  • Variable Neutral Density Filter Offering Greater Control Over Exposure Settings, Allows Reduce Shutter Speeds and Wider Apertures 
  • True Color result that avoids color shift seen in other Variable filters 
  • Variable 0.3 to 1.5 Neutral Density 
  • Reduces Exposure by 1 to 5 Stops 
  • Exposure Range-Control Filter Ring with Hard Stops at Each End 
  • No “X” Effect 
  • High Definition optical glass 
  • Nano Coating, Waterproof and Anti-Reflective Coating 
  • An optional rotating lever that can be removed 
  • Larger front thread to avoid vignetting on wider lenses 
  • Includes lens cap and pouch 
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