NiSi 82mm True Color Pro Nano CPL Filter

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A Circular Polarizer Filter helps to reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from a non-metallic surface.  The light from the sun naturally becomes partially polarized due to reflecting off electrons in air molecules, causing the light to scatter into what appears as haze.  A polarizing filter arranges, and filters, this directionally polarized light perpendicularly to the reflected light, allowing for the absorption of much of this light.  This results in a noticeable reduction of glare and reflections from non-metallic surfaces and an increase in the saturation of skies, foliage, and allows the camera to capture what is under the surface of shallow water. 

Our proprietary NiSi Pro Nano Coating helps to reduce unwanted reflections and provides a waterproof and scratch-resistant layer to assist in the cleaning of unwanted fingerprints, dust and water stains. The slimline frame of the NiSi Natural CPL is durable and tough and allows a lens cap to be attached for convenience. 

Please note due to the design of this filter it’s not compatible with all lens hoods. 


  • Eliminates Reflections and Glare 
  • Greater Color and Tonal Saturation reduces Haze in Landscapes 
  • True color without the warming cast that is seen with many other CPLs 
  • Knurled sides for easier grip during filter install and removal 
  • Cine Sealed Technology to seal the polarizing film 
  • Pro Nano coating to reduce unwanted reflections 
  • Waterproof and Nano Coating 
  • Ultra High Definition 
  • Ultra Slim Two-Color Frame 
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